I flew out of the Kelowna airport this morning.  There’s not much enjoyment in flying these days,  but nonetheless I almost look forward to flying out of there.  Is it that I enjoy security checks?  Maybe on the odd occasion, but generally no.  Do I like the yipping dogs in tiny under seat carriers dreading their journey?  Not at all.  And if you’re wondering, I don’t even like the post-security food available in the waiting lounge.

But I do like to eat at the White Spot because of one waitress that works there.

She has worked the room since I can remember.  Stressed, grouchy, impatient and sometimes rude travelers abound, but there is this waitress, always smiling, energetic, happy.  Genuinely interested in what you’re reading (“Do you like that book?  I have wanted to buy it.  Should I?  Nice!  I will definitely pick it up.”) Asking to where you are heading or what kind of day you’re having.  Not asking like small talk, but waiting for an answer and contributing to the conversation, not contributing to the noise.

I find this waitress fascinating.  In a low paying job with miserable people around her all the time and making a positive impact. She must, because here I am, a half a country and a half a day removed from her and I can’t get her out of my mind.

Small role.  Big impression.  Order me up another one of those, please, before my flight boards.

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2 Responses to Impact

  1. sharon says:

    agreed that flying sucks but, time and timelines matter these days don’t they? Hope your flight was uneventful…not like States-side today…..phony bomb threats……very sucky. xo sharon

  2. You had that today? Crazy!

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