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Here are some Up a Tree shots from the rest of the world to go with mine from Up a Tree blogpost .  I am open to adding any tree pictures here.   Send them to  sandra@tinhorn.com and let me know where they photos were taken and if you want any link added to your posting.

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.–Willa Cather

April 2015The Survivor Tree, 9/11 Memorial

It is a survivor tree indeed.  In bloom when I went to visit the 9/11 Memorial.  In the background, One World Trade Center showing through the leaves of this Callery Pear tree. See more about the tree click here.



August  2014

The two photos below were taken by Kerri Stoakley in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.  A park I have always wanted to visit but have not yet made it to.  Kerri says that although she is home now, she misses the sound of the wind through the trees and the smell of the forrest after it rains. Hopefully these pictures will be a reminder for her when not surrounded by such beauty.  Thanks Kerri!

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park


August 2014

It’s been much too long since a tree was posted on this page!  Melissa Bogaert sent me that circular picture taken from inside a majestic tree ring in Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario.  Hopefully this beautiful picture will be the impetus to many more updates to follow. Thank you Melissa!


October 2013.
Robert Long sent me this majestic shot today of a Western Red Cedar from the West coast of Vancouver Island at China Beach. It reminds me of a scene out of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings–so gnarly and damp. This pictures makes me want to spend my next camping trip on Vancouver Island–may have to seriously consider that for next season. Thank you Robert for taking the time to send to the little Up a Tree Collection.
Western Red Cedar
Sent to me by Jennifer Letham (@cucinabella) from Victoria this one was obviously not taken by any amateur! Its composition and balance are perfect and the colour just pops out–absolutely magical! Thanks so much Jen for sending it along to the collection! It is really special
Victoria Up a Tree

March 2013:
This picture was sent to me by the person responsible for keeping all the landscape looking wonderful at Tinhorn Creek, Cody Isted. He believes it is a Beech tree and he took its picture in Summerland. There is always something so wonderful about weepign trees and this one has such a grand presence. Thaks Cody!

Sent to me by Shannon  this lovely picture titled “Trees.  Lovely Trees.” and I most heartedly agree Shannon!

Tree. Lovely Tree

I took the picture below from Disney’s California Adventure Park while on vacation with my husband and our 8YO daughter.  The line to wait to Aladin was so long that had lots and lots of time to frame it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed resting my tired feet under its shade.

DCA Line Up Tree

January 2013:

Taken while snow shoeing on Mt. Baldy, Oliver, this neck stretching view comes from Tanya @muddeo7 n twitter.  Thank you so much for thinking of the blog while exercising in nature!


The eyes have it!  This was taken a couple of months ago on the trees lining our driveway–Now I know why I was feeling like I was being watched all the time!

Eyes Trees

December 2012:

A beautiful stark shot by Sasha McCauley (@ASmashingLife on twitter) from Edmonton on New Year’s Eve.  Simple and wonderful!

Edmonton Tree

Another stunner from Jeannette Montgomery (@okanaganwriting on twitter) and I am glad she risked getting dumped on to bring us a scene that Canadians see all too often during December.  Loving trees year round!

Jeannette Tree in Winter

November 2012:

A Gingko tree in Victoria!  Glorious picture taken by Dean (@sticklebract) just before all the raking will commence! One of the best pictures UpATree I have ever seen.

Mark Butschler (@mbuschleague on twitter) sent me this tall beaut from Vancouver’s north shore.  It hurts my neck still to look at it–even on the computer!

From Eliana Bray (@ZWineNinja) comes this beauty from West Kelowna.  Beautiful interspersed berries, dark trunk and light yellow leaves.  Great contrasts and great shot.  Collecting this pictures is one of my favourite things to do!

From Jeannette Montgomery (@okanaganwriting on twitter) comes the tree outside her business–M gallery | book in Penticton.  Love love the colours! Fall is great and so is Jeannette.

October 2012:

From one of my favourite twitter friends, @ontario_wines, sent me this of an Ontario Maple tree with pines around it on the shores of Lake Muskoka near Bala, ON.  I love getting pictures looking up trees in the Fall from places that really get the change of season colours.  Thanks Rick!!

August 2012:
From my good friend in the East (Ontario) Brian Schmidt, Winemaker at Vineland Estate comes this one from Grimsby, Ontario outside a restaurant called Cibo. Love the power, strength and colour contrast of the light!

Birch Tree in Knebel, Denmark at my friend’s summer home

In Denmark now at my friend’s family farm in Tved near Ebeltoft.  This tree was planted by her mother and father about 65 years ago.  It grew together as one trunk then after a time split.  For them it symbolized how they grew into their own people during their marriage.  Leo, her father, died a few years ago.  Her mother Ebba is still gardening the yard.

Two new pictures today from Peterhof outside of Saint Petersburg, Russia…

July 2012:

Today I took quite a few pics up trees but this one was taken in front of Moscow’s Kremlin wall at the main entrance.  My daughter and two friends were playing tag with it as the safe base.  You can see the Kremlin wall behind in red.

And another Tree Cozy from Reykjavik, Iceland.  Love this one.

When was the last time you saw a Tree Cozy?  Very cool that these are found every once in a while around Reykjavik, Iceland:

On a personal note, a large storm today brought down a large part of my favourite and largest tree on our property.  One last Up a Tree Shot I suppose before the chain saws make the area safe again…

June 2012:

From Irene (@i_on_food_drink) on twitter comes this twist on Up a Tree with Up a Totem.  Taken when on vacation in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Still a tree…but what a tree!  Thanks so much Irene!

Ketchikan, Alaska

May 2012:

From Astra (@Astra_PT on twitter) this one was taken in North Vancouver using a filter on Instagram.  What a spectacular statement of Spring!  It is a cherry blossom and Astra said she could have gotten more of the tree in the shot if she was able to lay on her back–but at 7 months pregnant that was not going to happen!  Astra, thanks so much for contributing to #upatree and best of wishes to you and your little wonder to come!

February 2012:

From Irene Lau (@i_on_food_drink on twitter) I received a great shot up a tree including a squirrel box.  Taken in BC’s Lower Mainland.

January 2012:

This beautiful picture comes from Marta Chiavacci @winesnobITA  taken in Lucca (Tuscany) Italy.  I love getting pictures in our winter from places that look like they are experiencing much more sunlight!

Lucca, Italy

December 2011:

Yipee!  Two more great shots from Paula Ramage at Waitiri Creek in Central Otago, NZ.  Both show the strength and the delicateness of trees so wonderfully.  I know a certain artist (Jeff Beier) who would have a field day painting this tree.  Looks like it might be getting time for a long road/air/sea trip.  Thank you Paula!

Gibbston, Central Otago, New Zealand

Gibbston, Central Otago, New Zealand

From @Astra_PT a grand tree in Ucluelet, British Columbia.  The moss hanging down makes it seem older, beard-like to me.  I love its intricate criss-crossing lines.

Ucluelet, British Columbia

I decided to post my new tree pics here, rather than updating the original blogpost. Both a couple of shots from my trip to California.  Both taken in Guerneville.  One of a persimmon tree just outside of Armstrong Woods and the next one inside Armstrong Woods.  By far my biggest “Up A Tree’s Skirt” yet!

Guerneville, California

Armstrong Woods, Guerneville, CA

Elena Galey-Pride (aka @winestains on twitter) from Niagara, Ontario sent me these two.  Snow makes tree pictures so delicate looking.

Niagara, Ontario

Niagara, Ontario

November 2011:

These flowering cherry trees (taken September 2011) were sent by Paula Ramage from Waitiri Creek winery in New Zealand.  It’s Spring in Arrowtown, NZ.  I love whole streets lined with cherry blossoms.  Thank you Paula!

Arrowtown, NZ

Another shot from Jeanette taken November 2011 in Oliver, BC

Oliver, BC, Canada

October 2011: These are from Jeanette ( @okanaganwriting on twitter).  Gorgeous! They were taken in front of her home in Oliver, BC

Oliver, BC, Canada

Oliver, BC, Canada

Oliver, BC, Canada

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