Maximum Group Size is Still Six in Phase 3

A few wineries have let me know about confusion amongst some visitors as to what the group size is for Phase 3 reopening in British Columbia.  Although people can expand their personal bubble and travel farther afield, the wineries are still being held to accommodating groups of 6 or less.  If you are traveling with 8 people, you should know ahead of time that if the winery can accommodate you, they should be asking that you to split up into two smaller groups.

Most travelers seem to have taken this direction in stride but there have been scenes of rage and ire when a large group is not allowed to sit all at one table.  This has happened at restaurants as well as tasting rooms, but both are being told by BC to keep group sizes at 6 or lower.

As a responsible visitor during COVID-19 days, it is your responsibility to know “Dr.Bonnie’s Travel Manners” before you head out.

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