Wine Sayings of My Uncle, 1839


In a scan of primary sources tonight I came across this gem of a book from the European Library.  From “Every Man His Own Butler” by Cyrus Redding, 1839 which is so wonderful my new goal is to own a copy. The entire book is fascinating, but at the end the author lists pages of sayings from his uncle about wine.  Progress sometimes means listening to the past.  Here is a sampling:

1. Bad wine is never worth good water.

2. Never believe the wine good because the owner tells you so.

3. Red wine poisons oysters.

4. Repentance is a home-made wine of our own brewing.

5. Never drink bad wine out of compliment; self-preservation is the first law.

6. Wine makes the soul go naked.

7. Of wine and love the first taste is the best; no second sip equals it.

8. Take care of the bung, and the wine will mind itself.

9. If you find your wine go too fast, put a second lock on your cellar and keep the key.

10. Good wine should drink smooth, like liquified velvet.

11. The best wine of all kinds is not that which costs the least,but that which costs nothing.

12. The bouquet of wine comes like a sunbeam, and must be enjoyed at the moment.

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