Close to Home

I returned home from the grocery store and decided to head right back out with my camera.  The snow had fallen two nights ago and I knew I did not have to venture too far off our hill to take some great photos.  With the exception of the haystacks, all photos in this post are from the Tinhorn Creek property.

The normally green or vibrant red Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra) is now gnarly brown and white.  They are the best bushes in the winter for angular, contrasting lines.  The snow makes the branches look like drop shadows to me.

If the South Okanagan Valley has a signature plant, the Antelope Bush (Pershia tridentata) is it.  These pictures were taken on the hill in front of our winery.  We have entered into a conservation covenant with The Land Conservancy of BC to protect this front area of our property, and I highly encourage that all BC land owners with natural areas on their property do the same.

The large Ponderosa Pines (Pinus ponderosa) that grow on the slopes of the Tinhorn Creek gully were almost lost a couple years ago to the Mountain Pine Beetle but they seem to have held on.  Every year this tree exists I am happy we have not lost it yet.

The non native poplar trees that line our driveway look like they would make a nice screen saver.

Haystacks at the Oliver airport

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7 Responses to Close to Home

  1. Gillian says:

    Nature is truly the greatest artist! You have captured such beautiful images of your landscape here Sandra. Such talent and an exceptional eye for beauty.

  2. sher b says:

    Wow these photos are fantastic. I can’t believe it’s been a week and there is that much snow. Great blog! Now where did I put my wine?

    • I know! It looks so different in just one week. It always surprises me every year that weather happens in the middle of the night and I don’t hear it! I am used to the rain in California and have had a hard time remembering that some weather is silent.

    • Dad says:

      Dear Sandy,
      Really enjoyed your photos.
      Very Very Beautiful!!!
      But, being your father, and going on 85
      years young I am sure glad your Mother and I
      will soon be heading South in a few months
      rather than North! Keep up the good work,
      Give our best to Ken and give Mel a great big
      kiss us.
      Love you lots!
      Dad and Mom

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