#ChardyTuesday 2010

I followed Chardonnay Vine 3, Row 1,  Block 1 on the Tinhorn Creek Vineyard on the Golden Mile Bench in Oliver, BC for 6 months in 2010.  Just after bud break through to harvest day–May 4, 2010 through harvest day October 7, 2010.#ChardyTuesday in the Rear View Mirror–Blog Post>

The vineyard was planted in 1989, an unknown clone, by Terry Wells, an Oliver school teacher who retired and the sold the land to us.  Over the years, a some harsh winters and some virus had beset the vineyard block and in early 2010 the decision was made that this would be its last harvest.  I decided, as a new follower of twitter, to chronicle its last Hurrah!  And I think it was a beautiful way to show our respect for a vineyard block that had served us so well over the years.

The Chardonnay grapes from #ChardyTuesday ended up being fermented in small stainless steel “barrels” and then being blended along with Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Muscat and becoming our 2010 2Bench White blend.

#ChardyTuesday Cluster Growth

#ChardyTuesday Vine Growth

2 Responses to #ChardyTuesday 2010

  1. Jenz says:

    Great photo. When do you know when the exact day to harvest? -JJ

  2. It depends on a few things. From a science point of view we look for sugar levels, pH and acidity. Flavours of course are important and if the seeds are brown it means it is nearing end ripeness. Other things like texture of the skins and health of the vine are important too. And that doesn’t even include scheduling it in and tank space!

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