Do You Want an Audit with that Merlot?

Nothing says sexy like the word “audit”.  Really?  No?  You don’t get all goose pimply when someone says “I’m coming to audit you “?  In the past month I have conducted two audits in one of my roles (Operations Manager) at Tinhorn Creek and I can tell you, years ago when I went to school at UC Davis to study enology, I never dreamed I would spend an entire month of my life (actually more) conducting audits.

I’ve completed a Health and Safety Audit in February and then this week I’m finishing up a green house gas (GHG) inventory.  Both tres sexy …

Vineyard Manager Andrew Moon modeling the newest Fall fashion--high vis vests

First the Health and Safety audit.  Way too much to summarize here as it included a 24 page report  with 127 file attachments(!) Suffice it to say that I became an official small business auditor for BC in September and finally went through a very detailed look at the systems we have in place in our vineyard, winery and hospitality areas.  Worker orientation, hazard identification and control, safe work procedures, emergency drills…wait I’m losing you, I know.  Not too sexy. But I can tell you that in all I have done at Tinhorn Creek in 16 years, nothing has given me a greater sense of personal achievement or a bigger sense of pride in our employees. Really.  I kid you not.

Counting worms in our compost for our green house gas audit (not really!)

Then there’s green house gas inventory.  It’s got the word GREEN in it so it MUST be sexy.  This is the third audit I have done in 2 1/2 years on our carbon footprint.  I’m pouring over a box full of files looking at  multi-year comparisons of trucking records, mileage logs, diesel purchases for the tractors, power bills, paper usage, airline flights and (wait for it) dumpster pick ups categorized by landfill waste and recycled waste.  Just doesn’t get sexier than that…

…until next month.  That’s when I certify new employees on the fork lift.  I’m also an official fork lift trainer for BC.

If you just can’t believe how sexy this blog post was..stay tuned for future postings when I show you how we actually did on our audits.  Good times.  Good times.

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4 Responses to Do You Want an Audit with that Merlot?

  1. It’s awesome how you can make something that is clearly so “sexy” into something that’s funny. Sounds like an obscene amount of work, well done. Love how green focused you guys are!!

  2. Just preparing now for the audit of the BC Wine Authority, seems like a walk on a summer day compared to the H&S stuff you did.

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