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#CabFrancTuesday #West and #East

In 2010 I followed ONE Chardonnay vine in front of my home for the entire growing season (April until harvest in Fall).  I called it #ChardyTuesday because once a week on Tuesday I would tweet the progress I had seen … Continue reading

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The F-ing Bird

I am trying to find balance.  Balance between running a business and the idea of being a steward of the land it sits on.  Recently, I am fighting a war against nature…specifically the Northern Flicker.  It’s a bird.  More specifically … Continue reading

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2012 Concert Series Finalized

The bands for the   2012 Canadian Concert Series have been finalized this week and it should be quite a rip-roaring time to be had by all.  The bands are all from right here in  British Columbia. Here’s a taste of each … Continue reading

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Wine Marketing for Dummies

In the past few years it seems that some winery’s marketing plans read like this: Make everything in tiny lots that are hard to find (or at least tell the public you only made a small amount) Charge a healthy … Continue reading

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Vineyard Manager Andrew Moon extolling the virtues of Cabernet Franc.  For all you Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc fans out there, you “get it” already.

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Do You Want an Audit with that Merlot?

Nothing says sexy like the word “audit”.  Really?  No?  You don’t get all goose pimply when someone says “I’m coming to audit you “?  In the past month I have conducted two audits in one of my roles (Operations Manager) … Continue reading

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#ChardyTuesday in the Rear View Mirror

In April 2010 I started a twitter account and fell in love with the immediacy of it and the way it engages people.  I wanted to show people what I see every day living on our estate vineyard property, perhaps … Continue reading

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