BCWineChat is Born

A spirited conversation on twitter last week about sub appellations in the British Columbia wine industry was the kick off for a new one hour weekly chat on twitter called BCWineChat.  The chat, hosted under the twitter hashtag #BCWineChat, is held every Wednesday from 8-9pm PST and will engage people on various aspects of BC wine.

Some weeks it will tackle the tough issues such as our archaic interprovincial wine shipping laws, or liquor board policies or wine labelling laws. It will also be a forum for discussing topics like what is going on in BC wineries that week, what wines go well with certain occasions or even your personal BC wine resolutions for 2012.  The nice thing about #BCWineChat on twitter is that the topics come from you.  The consumers.  The producers.  The growers.  The retailers and the restaurants.

The chat is meant to be engaging.  People from outside the province can join the discussion as it is only with knowledge of what others are doing that we can gain a better understanding of our BC wines.  Wineries will love getting the consumer’s thoughts on various timely topics, and consumers should look to glean as much information out of wineries and retailers as they can too.

If you’re familiar with twitter the chat is easy.  You can find the schedule for the topics on BCWineChat and follow the hashtag #BCWineChat on Wednesdays from 8-9 pm PST.  If you are unfamiliar with twitter but still wish to take part, you will be able to do so on the BCWineChat website during the one hour under a hosted event page.

Here’s to a successful, fun, engaging, BC Wine-filled New Year!

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4 Responses to BCWineChat is Born

  1. Giska says:

    Great post. I’ve ayawls wanted to sign up as a member of a winery, but never find enough reasons to do so

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