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Staffing Up for the Big Reopen

One of the big challenges for tasting rooms poised to reopen in June will be staffing up. This is always a challenge but again, welcome to additional challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Consider some of what’s going on out … Continue reading

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Tasting Rooms Can Get Ready Now–Don’t Wait

Sectors of the economy all over the province are going to be turning in plans and protocols for the government to review in the next few weeks to allow for re-opening.  Tasting rooms (be they for wineries, cideries, distilleries and … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Free My Grapes

I wrote this article, Top 10 Reasons to Free My Grapes, for the September edition of Orchard and Vine magazine.  All views are my own, of course.

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“Special” Orders

Now that Bill C-311 has passed federally, the provinces are stating that they will need to “look at it”, but in the meantime provincial liquor boards are telling their consumers that little has changed.   To be helpful they are … Continue reading

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12 Gauge v. 12 Bottles

As some of you may have heard by now, I have been involved in the FreeMyGrapes fight to get Canadians access to Canadian wines.  To that end, I purchased a 12 gauge shotgun online from Saskatchewan last week to show … Continue reading

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For Your Personal Consumption: The Lobster7 and the Canada3

Having just wrapped up four days in Halifax for the Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium, I was given three bottles of Nova Scotia wine to take back to British Columbia with me.  I am not unfamiliar with the young industry out … Continue reading

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BCWineChat Turns Four Months Old

Some of you may know that I began BCWineChat on Twitter at the end of December 2011.  My hope was to find an open forum for BC wine consumers, BC wineries, retailers and restauranteurs to meet, once a week to … Continue reading

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