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19th Time’s a Charm

Today’s is the eve of my 19th vintage at Tinhorn Creek.  Technically, it might be my 181/2 vintage since my husband brought in the grapes in 1994 when I was finishing my studies at UC Davis–but I was on the … Continue reading

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#CabFrancTuesday #West and #East

In 2010 I followed ONE Chardonnay vine in front of my home for the entire growing season (April until harvest in Fall).  I called it #ChardyTuesday because once a week on Tuesday I would tweet the progress I had seen … Continue reading

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Persnickety Me

I don’t consider myself a high maintenance person.  I’m not someone who, for example, needs to modify every menu item before I place an order.  That being said, I do have my peculiarities… 1. Martinis Just ask me three questions: … Continue reading

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