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BCWineChat Turns Four Months Old

Some of you may know that I began BCWineChat on Twitter at the end of December 2011.  My hope was to find an open forum for BC wine consumers, BC wineries, retailers and restauranteurs to meet, once a week to … Continue reading

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Get Yer Grabber Thingy

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Agriculture Water not an Essential Service?

>>UPDATE: April 9, 2012 the water flowed!! << Let’s start with some facts: We grow grapes We live in a desert–less than 10 inches average of precipitation per year Grapes need a minimum of 20 inches of precipitation minimum to … Continue reading

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Social Media for Businesses

I’m sure in the late 1800’s when the telephone was invented and was finding its way into homes and businesses, there were some people who did not see a need for it.  No doubt there were those who said “Why … Continue reading

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Moon Musings

I just pulled into the hotel in Leavenworth, Washington after a long drive down to California to attend Ralph Kunkee’s memorial service at UC Davis.  It was a 16-hour straight shot drive down, 33 hours in Davis, then 13 hours … Continue reading

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,700 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway … Continue reading

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BCWineChat is Born

A spirited conversation on twitter last week about sub appellations in the British Columbia wine industry was the kick off for a new one hour weekly chat on twitter called BCWineChat.  The chat, hosted under the twitter hashtag #BCWineChat, is held … Continue reading

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2012 Concert Series Finalized

The bands for the   2012 Canadian Concert Series have been finalized this week and it should be quite a rip-roaring time to be had by all.  The bands are all from right here in  British Columbia. Here’s a taste of each … Continue reading

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The Case for Canada’s Sustainable Wine Industry

For years I have been hearing wine writers and others say that unless Canadian wines are sold in the UK or the US we will never become a well-known industry.  Unless our wines are reviewed by the heavy hitters of the wine world … Continue reading

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Close to Home

I returned home from the grocery store and decided to head right back out with my camera.  The snow had fallen two nights ago and I knew I did not have to venture too far off our hill to take … Continue reading

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Stillness Between the Seasons

There is a time in the Okanagan Valley where the calendar says it is Fall but we’ve had our first taste of winter.  Some leaves remain on the trees but many more join new skiffs of snow on the ground. We … Continue reading

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A Great Man Died Today

Typing through tears is not one of my strongest suits, but I’ll give it a shot.  Ralph Kunkee died today.  I’m fairly sure that not many of you met him.  He was a Professor Emeritus of Enology (winemaking) at the … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Vintage 2011

The grape harvest just wrapped up for us in the southern Okanagan Valley, and it was unlike any I have seen in 18 years making wine here. I visualize vintages as a year of weather reflected in the finished glass … Continue reading

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Wine Marketing for Dummies

In the past few years it seems that some winery’s marketing plans read like this: Make everything in tiny lots that are hard to find (or at least tell the public you only made a small amount) Charge a healthy … Continue reading

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Dance this Mess Around

I am looking for your ideas for a band for our end of season concert next year (September 2012).  If you have been to our concerts before then I do not need to explain to you how seriously fun they … Continue reading

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I Miss You Already SOSS

Our high school burned down this morning.  My husband woke me a bit before 5AM and told me it was ablaze.  I jumped out of bed, went to the window and 4 kms away seemed like next door.  The flames … Continue reading

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Up a Tree

I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree… Yes, I have a thing for looking up a tree.  All around the world.  Whenever I think of it. Hanoi, VietNam

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Bucket List of Future Wanderings

How can you have a bucket list of places  to travel to if you haven’t been to them before? Over the years, little seeds have been planted in my head of the places I’d like to visit before I die. … Continue reading

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A Canadian is Born on Robson Street

I am American.  Born in California, just like my parents and grandparents, but I married a Canadian and moved to British Columbia in 1995.  I thought maybe someday I would “go for a dual citizenship thing” but nothing much came … Continue reading

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About Adoption

What can be written about adoption that hasn’t already been written?  They are always such personal narratives and each unique.  My story is not unlike many others but it is mine and has helped to make me who I am … Continue reading

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